Apparently, we cannot be what we have never seen. If you are curious to see how good you can look.. come try the collections I make for better everydays.

They are the fruits of my devotion for clothing, sharing and better living.



Your (work)outfit according to your taste and needs, made of the options from the menu. It is consciously made for a maximum of adaptability.

This idea initially came from my passion for cooking, extended to all dirty-hands-activities from which I always find a lot of inspiration. Having worked for a few years in restaurants, I got to hear a lot of complains with aprons. This experience has become an opportunity for me to start this project by trying to find the best solutions.



After graduating from LA CAMBRE MODE[S] in June 2016, I have decided to focus on my passion for creating garments in a conscious way. 

My fascination towards passionate people grows as I get to meet new ones.

I have found a way to share these feelings by exploring my skills and adapting them to each project. 

The fabrics chosen together with you are mainly plant based for a maximum of comfort and quality. They are mostly Belgian linen or fabrics from factories dead stocks.

As a last fine detail, the production is done in Brussels in my neighbourhood.



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